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Dishes of Central Asia from the earliest times were famous with its delicacies and exceptional bright variety of tastes. It is not surprising: it is Asia which is homeland of spices which give its unique “zest” to each dish.

Dishes of Uzbek cuisine are known all over the world as one of most tasteful and refined one. Plovmantilagman or shashlik long ago became a visiting card of Uzbek cuisine. However, despite of common names, in each region of Uzbekistan there are own specifics and nuance in their preparation which give to each dish its unique taste and aroma.

“Uzbek Dastarkhan” Gastronomic Tour offers you to make tasty travel to cities and regions of Uzbekistan in order to fully enjoy all merits and flavors of the national Uzbek cuisine.

Bon appetit!

Route: Tashkent – Khiva – Bukhara – Samarkand – Tashkent

Tour duration: 8 days, 7 nights

Travel type: air flight, ground transport, train

Season: the whole year round

Accommodation: in hotels

Day City Description




Arrival to the capital. Night in Tashkent.

*program of the first day depends on arrival time.




Morning flight (1hour) to Urgench, transfer to Khiva.

Each region of our country has its culture, traditions and even cuisine. We start our “tasty” tour from Khorezm cuisine.

You will be offered a unique master class from local people of Khiva showing preparation of khan dish “Tukhum-Barak” which means “egg dumplings ” in translation. It is rather interesting to watch the cooking; a dumpling is made and an egg is poured into a small opening therein, then it is glued together and immersed into boiling water.

You will also taste Khorezm plov; we would like to remind that in each region of Uzbekistan there is its special recipe of plov cooking.

After delicious lunch, sightseeing excursion within the architectural complex “Ichan-Kala”.

Supper is offered with a light national dish “Shivit Oshi” (green noodles); greens are added to dough giving beautiful green color and original taste.

Night in Khiva.

Places of Interest:

Ichan Kala, Djuma-Mosque, Kunya-Ark, Tash-Khauli Harem, Muhammad Amin-Khan Madrasah, Kalta Minor






Transfer (480 km) to Bukhara. Since the road passes via Kyzyl Kum Desert where there are no café and restaurants, we offer to take “Lunch Box ” (which was earlier prepared in the hotel).

Arrival to sacred Bukhara, one of the most respected cities of Islamic civilization.

Dinner in a national restaurant “Badriddin” where you will taste one of most respected dishes in Bukhara, shashlik prepared with beef and vegetables. Various sweets and fruits (by season) are served to dessert.

Night in Bukhara.




Sightseeing excursion in the city, with visit to most interesting places of interest.

We invite you for lunch to a master class in the national Bukhara house to watch preparation of “Bukhara samsa” where you will also taste assorti made of dolma. There, the hosting party of the museum house will tell you interesting histories about own ancestors.

Leisure time.

We offer several restaurants at your choice for dinner so you could taste other dishes of Bukhara cuisine on your own.

Night in Bukhara.

Places of Interest:

Ismail Samani Mausoleum, Ark Citadel, Kalyan Mosque, Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa, Bakhauddin Nakshbandi Memorial Complex, Chor Bakr






Transfer (270 km) to Samarkand. After arrival to the city, we will go to lunch as we would like to taste the original Samarkand plov by 12:00; later there will be no plov anywhere. A cook in the national teahouse will describe you the entire process of plov preparation. In each region of the country, plov is cooked differently.

Sightseeing excursion in the city with visit to main monuments.

Before dinner, we invite you to wine and cognac tasting at the wine factory named after Khovrenko.

Dinner in “Samarkand” restaurant, one of most favorite among guests and local people. You will be served with assorti of shashliks, fresh vegetables and fruits for dinner. It is possible to dance there under national Uzbek music or relax on a ottoman with aromatic hookah.

Night in Samarkand.

Places of Interest:

Gur Emir Mausoleum, Registan Square, Bibi Khanym Mosque, Shakhi Zinda Complex



 6  Samarkand

Continuation of the excursion in the city, with visit to Siab bazaar, the biggest and oldest bazaar of Samarkand. You cannot image an oriental market without sweets, dried fruits and various nuts. It is also acceptable to make trading in an oriental bazaar. At the same time, no monies are important in trading but the mere trading process, a seller may even get disappointed if the goods were purchased at once without trading. A medieval oriental bazaar served for people as radio, television, and governmental newspaper.

Lunch in a guest house where you will be demonstrated and told how to cook “Nokhat Shurak”, an aromatic dish cooked of mutton and chick-pea. It is served on pieces of special Samarkand lozenge, gallysiye. They are very dense and heavy lozenges, each no less than one kilogram. If the pieces of such lozenge are immersed into bouillon, they preserve the shape and slowly saturate liquid.

Transfer to Tashkent in a high-speed train “Afrosiab”.

Night in Tashkent.

7  Tashkent

Like other cities, Tashkent is divided into old and new parts. The new part is a modern city with new history, high-rise buildings and new new-built quarters, fountains, parks and trade centers. The old part of the city is full with history, ancient places and national flavor.

We will offer to get acquainted with “Nokhat Shurpa” dish for lunch which is the most popular shurpa type in Tashkent. No surprise. The appearance of this shurpa is stylish and festive. Pieces of juicy tender meat, orange carrots, yellow turnip, red tomato, green sparks of greenery, and large yellow chick-peas. All these are served in transparent amber yellow bouillon. Main distinction of shurpa from all other soups is in special cooking ritual. It becomes even tasty when cooked on life fire and woods.

Continuation of the excursion.

In the evening, we invite you to a gala dinner in a cozy restaurant where you may enjoy not only Uzbek cuisine dishes.

Night in Tashkent.

Places of Interest:

Amir Temur Square, Memorial Complex “Memory of Repression Victims”, Minor Mosque, Courage Monument, Khazret Imam Complex, Chorsu Bazaar, Independence Square



8  Tashkent

Seeing off in the airport. Departure from Uzbekistan.

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