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Bukhara – one of the most ancient cities of Central Asia, founded 2500 years ago, “The Star of the Islamic World” and “the holy city of Central Asia” won their titles for good reason – in the Middle Ages there were 360 mosques and 80 madrasas. The old legend says that the light of grace descends on all Muslim cities from the sky, and only above Bukhara it rises.

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  • 5 days
    One of the favorite places for winter recreation in Uzbekistan for local people and arriving guests are mountain ski resorts of Chimgan and Beldersay.
  • 5 days
    All kinds of art from pottery to carpet weaving were developed on the territory of Uzbekistan since the earliest times. Many crafts of the Uzbek people are still popular worldwide at the present time.
    Tashkent  Bukhara  Samarkand 
  • 6 days
    Travel in a six-day Sufi tour in Uzbekistan and feel the atmosphere of sacred places of this country.
    Tashkent  Bukhara  Samarkand 

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