Foreigners will be able to remotely register in Uzbekistan

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From July 15 in Uzbekistan, foreign citizens and stateless persons can be registered remotely. The new system will save time, relieve the need to apply to state bodies and unnecessary paper red tape.

The e-mehmon system offers three ways:

1. It is necessary to register on the website, enter your details in the registration window, then fill out the “arrival form” form and at the very end make a calculation of the tourist fee by specifying the payment card details.

2. A similar algorithm for actions in the mobile e-mehmon application, you just need to install it in your gadget and go through the authorization by specifying the phone number.

3. Guests who registered in accommodation facilities who paid for a tour, but chose a different place of residence, should choose in e-mehmon a special point – independent tourists. Further it is necessary to fill in all the fields as usual, specify the number of days of stay. After the program calculates the total, you can pay for services both in cash and non-cash form

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