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About Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is an amazing country, which has both forbidding mountains, and deep rivers, and green valleys, and metropolises. Here spring runs with wonderful flourishing, summer – under bright sunlights, autumn – with cooling rains, and winter – with fairy snowflakes. Diverse, yet such unique Uzbek people are ready to demonstrate their famous hospitality!

Uzbekistan’s history dates back to several millennia – various peoples had inhabited and various states had existed on this land over centuries. Each of them had left an inerasable trace in the culture, architecture, lifestyle, customs, traditions and other spheres of life of contemporary Uzbekistan.

All types of arts – starting from pottery to carpet weaving have been developed on Uzbekistan’s territory since ancient times. Many items of Uzbek people are still popular worldwide. Some of them, such as khan-atlas, are transformed and adapted to contemporary needs, while others, such as Bukhara carpets are fenced by centuries-old traditions…

There is vast amount of traditions in Uzbekistan, which are inherent exceptionally to Uzbek people. Many of them have survived since prehistoric times. Each of traditions is different and unique in its own way, yet all of them are piously followed. Many traditions are adapted to contemporary time, others preserved their original form, and however, all of them reflect the best qualities of Uzbek people.

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